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Korean / Japanese / Taiwanese Artistes' Collectibles: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Monday, October 30, 2006

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Do you ship to the US / UK / Australia / Germany / France?

A: Yes, we ship worldwide. Shipping charges stated are for shipping via normal airmail to anywhere in the world.

Q: How long does it take for my items to reach me?

A: Estimated shipping times are as follows:

US --> 6 - 12 working days
Canada --> 5 - 11 working days
UK --> 4 - 8 working days
Australia --> 4 - 6 working days
Germany --> 5 - 7 working days

France --> 5 - 7 working days

Estimated shipping times for other countries are also available upon request. Please email us at to check about your country's estimated shipping time.

Q: Do you provide combined shipping?

A: Yes, we combine shipping wherever possible so that you can save money on shipping. Shipping costs are totalled up on a per item basis when you use the checkout function, but you will receive a refund within 3 working days for combined shipping discounts. Generally, these items qualify for combined shipping as follows:

Posters - Tubed shipping is at US$5 for the first poster, and US$1 for every additional poster
Playing cards - Shipping is US$5 for the first deck, and US$2 for every additional deck

If you purchase a combination of different items, you'll still receive shipping discounts calculated on a case-by-case basis.

Q: I still don't understand about the shipping costs. When I add 2 posters to my shopping cart, the shipping cost totals up to US$10, instead of US$6. Will I be overcharged?

A: The limitation of Paypal's shopping cart is that it cannot calculate combined shipping discounts automatically when a combination of items are purchased. Thus, what happens is that when you add the first poster to your shopping cart, US$5 shipping charge is added to your total. When you add the second poster to your shopping cart, another US$5 shipping charge is added on (as opposed to US$1 combined shipping charge). Please go ahead and checkout first. You can rest assured that we will calculate your correct total for you, and refund you the difference for combined shipping discounts via Paypal.

Q: I will like to purchase, but I don't have a credit card or Paypal account. What should I do?

A: You can use concealed cash as your mode of payment, meaning, send cash in the mail to me. Please email me at with the items you'll like to get, and I'll provide you with instructions on how to send the concealed cash. Don't worry, when done properly, there's only a very small likelihood that the cash may get lost in the mail. At least 200 customers have used this mode of payment successfully.

Q: I will like to purchase something for my friend as a gift. Can you send it to my friend directly?

A: Sure, we can ship gifts directly to any address on your behalf, and even include a personal note of your choice. This service is provided FREE of charge. Just our little way of making it easier for you to get your Christmas gift / birthday present / I-Miss-You gift etc to your special someone on time!

Q: Do you have other TVXQ / Suju / Yamashita Tomohisa items available, other than those in your shop?

A: Yes there may be other items available upon request. Please email us at with any requests that you may have. You can also sign up to be updated by email whenever there are new items available.

Q: The items that I like are out of stock. Will you be restocking on them again?

A: Often, when items go out of stock, there is only a very small likelihood that they will be restocked. This is because there are constantly new items available, and old items are phased out as new ones are introduced.

Q: I still have other questions / concerns that you have not answered. What can I do?

A: You can email me at, and you'll receive a reply to your query within 24 hours.

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