Sunday, July 20, 2008

New DBSK Playing Cards, Rare DBSK Pens and Socks

Brand new DBSK goodies added:

TVXQ Playing Cards (with 54 attractive designs of the boys!) ~ Includes pictures from their Bonjour Paris photoshoots, so if you missed getting the photobook, don't miss out on collecting their pictures in this deck of cards!

TVXQ Playing Cards

TVXQ Socks (Rare, only 1 pair in stock) ~ Makes a great collectible!

TVXQ Socks

TVXQ Pens (Rare, only 1 in stock for each design) ~ Bring the boys with you to school or to work!


DBSK TVXQ Collectible Socks

You've got TVXQ posters, TVXQ CDs, TVXQ photobooks - now grab this pair of rare TVXQ socks to add to your collection! Only 1 pair in stock!

Price: US$12.95
Shipping: FREE
Quantity in stock: out of stock

Thursday, July 03, 2008

DBSK Photobook: A Week Holiday (Limited Edition)

Ever wondered where the DBSK boys disappeared to after the Hollywood Bowl? Now you get to unravel the mystery and see for yourself what they were up to! The eagerly-awaited Dong Bang Shin Ki Photobook : A Week Holiday is now up for pre-order! You get to enjoy eye candy in a magnificent setting - the Grand Canyon! The very same Grand Canyon where many of you may visited before! Imagine the boys seeing what you've seen before, stepping on the very land that you've stepped on before...

Here's a sneak preview of pictures in the photobooks!

credit: 프리지아

Credit: dreammssxx

And just because there was simply too much to see and do, and it was not possible to fit everything into 1 photobook, the boys have come up with 2 photobooks this time round!

The first one which features the Grand Canyon's majestic scenery, and of course the boys in various cool poses:

Dong Bang Shin Ki Photobook : A Week Holiday - It's Stylish (Limited Edition)

- US$59.99 (Enjoy FREE shipping!) (RESTOCKED as at 23 Aug '08)

This photobook contains a whopping 108 pages of Yunho, Changmin, Micky, Jaejoong and Junsu immersed in the beauty of the Grand Canyon!

Dimensions : 14.7" x 10.6"

The second one which is set in a more casual setting, where you'll be transported to a camping trip with the boys:

Dong Bang Shin Ki Photobook : A Week Holiday - Camping (Limited Edition)

- US$44.99 (Enjoy FREE shipping!) (RESTOCKED as at 2 Aug '08)

This photobook contains 86 pages, and lets you catch a glimpse of the boys' fun-loving and CUTE side! The photobook also comes with a DVD containing production sketches, interviews, and some amusing episodes surrounding their camping trip and photo shoot.

Dimensions: 7.6" x 5.8"

Update on 23 Aug '08: Both photobooks have been RESTOCKED, so GRAB your copy today to ensure you will be able to get them! Just like their previous photobook, the Bonjour Paris, stocks are expected to run out very quickly, so order early to avoid disappointment!

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