Saturday, February 07, 2009

DBSK Cell Chains, Accessories, Pens, Mouse Pads, Super Junior Jigsaw Puzzle

DBSK Cell Chains Set ~ Bring the boys around with you!
DBSK Cell Phone Accessory Set

Unique Jaejoong Cross Earrings ~ you'll love them!
Jaejoong Cross Earrings

DBSK Pens Restocked ~ Grab them now before they run out again!

Yunho Mouse Pad ~ So cute!
Yunho Mouse Pad

Super Junior Jigsaw Puzzle ~ FREEBIE worth US$9.95 included!
Super Junior Jigsaw Puzzle

DBSK TVXQ Cell Phone Accessory Set Dong Bang Shin Ki Tohoshinki

Tired of your cell phone looking the same as everyone else's? Imagine bringing a part of your favorite boys, Jaejoong, Yunho, Micky, Max and Junsu around wherever you go? Then get this pretty DBSK Cell Phone Accessory Set and accessorize your cell phone! It definitely makes your cell phone more unique and personalized, and you will love the Dong Bang Shin Ki feel of it!

This set of 6 DBSK Cell Phone Accessories - 1 for each member, and 1 Group cell chain will allow you to dress up your cell phone with different accessories as often as you'll like to. Get the whole set now at only US$24.99 - HERE!